you keep any credits you don’t use each month.
No daily limitations, you submit when you want, how many you want ! -Drip feed - Email Notification -API Drip Feed option -Established in 2012 and still going strong!
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Express Indexer
Welcome to Express Indexer, The place to be for indexing your back links. Most webmasters know the importance of having your back links indexed and we do just that, we have tried and tested many methods and tweaked our method so that your links receive a pampering. They all receive a 5 star treatment every single one of them, so rest assured and let us do the indexing, you do the building! ALL ABOARD, The Express train is arriving, get your account and hop on! Many case studies are available about our service on the web, This service is a no nonsense, indexing service, we do exactly what we claim to do, with features available, such as drip feeding, email notifications sent to you every day letting you know what has been processed when you set up your drip feeding campaigns.. Duplicate url filtering, saves you money! This is a one stop back link indexing shop. With all the Google indexing changes in 2019 we are proud to have overcome these changes and continue to provide a quality indexing service to our customers.
Our indexing service, like most others, offers an API key, This means you can integrate your subscription with your SEO tools, so you are able to send your links remotely from these programs, which makes your life easier, please see the list below for a list of tools that our service will work with:
   GSA Search engine ranker
   SEnuke xCR
   Back link monitor
   Licorne AIO
More information about integrating us with your SEO tools can be found on our API page.
And if you would like to read some of our independent reviews, they can be found here.
What to do if you run out of credits before the month end? Please see our FAQ page.
How to join!
Joining us is very simple, simply register with us by clicking on the register button on the top right of our site, fill out the express login form and activate your account by clicking on the link we send you via email, sometimes due to your email service provider this email may be in your junk folder so please check, this is important as you need to verify your account before you can continue! Once your account has been activated, you can then navigate to the packages lounge, here you can select your 30 day roll over plan, then simply click the upgrade button. When you click the upgrade button you will be redirected to the payment screen, currently we only accept PayPal as this is a secure method for online payments. When payment has been made, you will be then redirected back to your dashboard where you will instantly receive you credits, from this point, you can start submitting your back links either directly from the dashboard or via our API or by setting up your own indexing campaigns and spreading your submissions, this comes with the option of email notifications to remind you that your links are still being processed for you or your clients.
Just a few things we do for you.

- Pinging is essential, URLs are pinged one by one to promote visits from bots

- Links are sent to our private network which is not spammed, therefore not dangerous, but also provides an additional backlink to all your submissions. (Links are removed after a 14 day period, this technique simply gets your links indexed).

- Rss feeds are created and submitted to Rss aggregate websites

- The entire Express Indexer process takes around 14 – 16 days to complete per submission, although, you should most definitely start seeing indexing results within a day or two as progression is instant and starts from when you submit.

Our Indexing Plans
15,000 Credits $26.99 month SIGN UP NOW
30,000 Credits $38.99 month SIGN UP NOW
75,000 Credits $48.99 month SIGN UP NOW
150,000 Credits $77.99 month SIGN UP NOW
500,000 Credits $119.99 month SIGN UP NOW
TBA Credits $TBA month SIGN UP NOW
1,000,000 Credits $179.99 month SIGN UP NOW
Custom Package $??.?? month CONTACT US